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Who is August Wayne Booth?

There are a lot of theories floating around out there as to who he is, and why he can leave StoryBrooke, when no one else can (besides Emma). Some crazy theories out there like :

1) He's the son Rumple lost (Look, I'd love to see Baelfire come back, but this is not the guy. Bael had beautiful brown eyes ... ) 
2) He's Henry as an adult (Then why does he seem to have a love interest on Henry's mom? Ewe!

3) He's Henry's father - then why doesn't Emma remember him?

4) One of the Brothers Grimm - Maybe. He is a writer.

No--there's only 1 theory that makes any sense in my mind : Pinocchio!

This is a photo of Pinocchio working with his father, Gepetto, in their workshop. Remember Gepetto made the enchanted wardrobe that spirited Emma away, and protected her from Evil Queen's The Dark Curse. In the next episode Gepetto will be making a deal with the Blue Fairy to protect his son. 

My theory is: The deal was to turn Pino back into the enchanted wooden puppet so that he may travel with  the baby Emma, but of course with a price because all magic comes with a price.. his life.  

Pino travels to SB as a enchanted piece of wood/puppet to a land where magic does not exist, which means on his arrival the spell breaks and he turns back into a boy of flesh allowing him to grow as a real boy. Not unlike when Archie/Jimminey who got here and reverted back into a human. The 7 year old who found the baby on the side of the road.

The BF and Gepetto told Pino what his mission would be.... tell no one and keep track of Emma, because at her 28th Bday the curse will began to lift and he will need only magic to save him.

The book: Pino put the story of Rumple in the book to gain Rumples trust, hoping that he still had magic to rescue him. But Rumple can't ... at the moment.

Evidence :
A) The coloring is about right : blue eyes and brown hair, lighter as a kid.
B) He's good with his hands, learned a lot in the workshop with Gepetto. In a later episode, we see August fixing / amending Henry's storybook -- in a workshop somewhere in Storybrooke. He hasn't forgotten what he learned from his father!
C) There are numerous instances where Mr. Booth says things like, "I cannot tell a lie," and then he tells some whopper about lemurs in Nepal (what?). Yeah--maybe he has traveled the world, but there are no lemurs in Nepal!
D) He seems to be able to come and go, like Emma, whereas all other residents of Storybrooke are trapped there. Their cars veer off the road anytime they get near the city limits.
E) His leg problem. This I think his body is stiffening and turning back to wood.

Other Observations : 

1) We have seen Pinnochio as a young (7-year-old?) boy in at least a couple of scenes in Fairytale Land. We have not, though, seen a boy in Storybrooke who could be Pinnochio's counterpart. We have seen Gepetto's and Jiminy Cricket's counterparts in Storybrooke...why not Pinnochio's?

2) If they went through the portal to escape the curse at the same time, 7-year-old Pinnochio certainly would have been in the right place at the right time to "find" baby Emma and take her to someplace where she would be safe. 

3) If Pinnochio did not end up in Storybrooke like the other Fairytale characters, he would have aged just like Emma has. August looks like he's in his mid-30s, so the math would be right (age 7 + 28 years = 35). 

4) Regina commented that there was something familiar about August when he first showed up in Storybrooke. Presumably she knew (or at least had seen) Pinnochio when he was a child in Fairytale Land, so it wouldn't be a stretch that she thought the adult version of Pinnochio resembled someone she had seen before.

5) Since Pinnochio lived in Fairytale Land and had knowledge of what happened there before the curse took effect, it makes sense that he would be the one who wrote the stories in Henry's book. It also makes sense that he showed up in Storybrooke 28 years later to add to the book. He no doubt knew that Emma was going to show up then as the "savior" to shake things up and that the final battle would begin then. Before then, nothing new would have happened for him to write about...

In this scene from the Heart of Darkness episode, AWB sits in Grannie's diner with Henry. AWB tells Henry that the stories in his book really happened. They are "as real as I am," he says. I also see a little eye roll, there, that totally reminds me of the puppet! Pinocchio was a wooden puppet who wanted to be real. This is another way that his character "leaks out" in Storybrooke. Only time will tell if I'm right about this!

As of The Return episode aired this week, we now know that August is NOT Rumple's long-lost son, Baelfire. They didn't explicitly come out and say he was Pinocchio. However, the donkey paperweight in August's room is a pretty good indicator that he very likely IS Pinocchio.

I guess he keeps that little trinket around to remind him NOT to be a jackass. We all learn our lessons in life.

Here's the Pinocchio-Donkey Transformation scene from Disney's Pinocchio movie.

Now lets see what you got.

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